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Assistance in Selling

We can help you to sell your product whether you are a big company or an individual seller

IT Services

If you want a professional web developer to design Website for you, help you in managing IT issues of your company, help you in getting social media promotion or designing of application or software based on your needs, you have come to the right place.


Our team of creative Civil Engineers and Architects can help you to get out of the box solutions for your problems and construct literally anything for you.
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Construction Consultants

Get construction consultants for as low as Rs 20000/-

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Assistance in selling

We can assist in increasing your sales

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Get free online store

Get a free online store for your brand / shop / service / product

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GET surveys and reseARCHES

we can conduct researches and surveys for you based on your custom requirement

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Our team can Telemarket your product all over the world

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IT Services

Our fine team of professionals can design website / application for you and promote your site

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Logistics and Movers

Moving things was never this easy.

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Travel & Tourism

Travel the world with GrandPK. We offer deals and packages for you that you won’t be able to resist.

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We provide assistance in importing and exporting goods.

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Our Team of market researchers has comprehensive knowledge of upcoming trends and they analyze market so that your product is advertised to right people for optimum results

Our professional telemarketing team promotes your product globally using its vast skills based on the research done by our market research team.
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While spending millions for construction of house, it is a good idea to spend a little money on an expert who could analyse the area ground, construction, layout during construction and much more to ensure that you construct the best house.


Our fine team of professionals can design website / application for you and promote your site

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