Vibrant atmosphere is to be seen in United states of America due to upcoming presidential elections this year. Democrats and republicans seem to be indulging themselves in massive electoral campaigns. Will American nation re-elect Mr. Donald J. Trump? A tricky question to be asked as we have seen unpredictable nature of voters in the past. Neither then nor now opinion polls sing praises of Mr. Donald J. Trump but that is certainly his way to shock the masses like he did in 2016 by slamming opinion polls and making his way to the oval office. On the other hand Revengeful attitude is to be seen among democrats. This time democratic party has seen most number of candidates in presidential primaries, a total of 29 candidates including Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth warren were seen in the race of the oval office.

Former Vice president Joe Biden was able to gain popularity among democrats and stood victorious in some states, as a goodwill gesture Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign and endorsed Joe Biden. So most probably it’s Joe vs Donald, a nail biting contest for sure as every presidential election is. This clearly shows that American nation has lost it’s trust in young candidates instead they prefer experienced ones. They have told the world that they would rather go for a seasoned aged politician rather than a good young chap as we can see both republicans and democrats have chosen someone who has lived seven decades. Arch rivalry between both candidates is a phenomenon well known to everyone. This rivalry came into lime light last year when Mr. Trump called Ukrainian president Zelensky and urged him to obtain some evidence against Joe Biden’s son. This single event raised eyebrows of American people as it was a clear sign of foreign involvement in American elections and it lead to Mr. Trump’s impeachment by house of representatives however it was not a big reason to worry for Mr. Trump as he knew majority in senate would save him and it did but still impeachment process did tarnish his image in the general public.

Joe Biden has previously held a major public office and knows how things work and that is the reason he is considered apple of the eye of American establishment, so that would make things easier for them. Members of American establishment have had a turbulence working with current POTUS due to different nature of Mr. Trump so they would not think of Mr. Trump as a good choice. Recent days have also produced a new information that may alter way of thinking of American people and their support for their presidential candidates. Mr. Trump is long known for misconduct with women and harassment cases but claims of Tara Reade(Biden’s senate office worker) against Joe Biden have started a new discussion. She has claimed that Joe Biden assaulted her in the year 1993. Maybe Joe Biden has realized that someone has to carry the legacy of democrats left behind by Mr. Bill Clinton known for her relations with Monica Lewinsky in the oval office. If Joe Biden fails to address this matter then it would surely create a chaos among his voters.