The advent of corona virus has brought a change in our lifestyle. There is a need to embrace the change wholeheartedly and develop our own muscle memory to take safety precautions against COVID-19. We can’t predict accurately when things are going to become normal once again but till that time we need to play our role to protect ourselves from the virus. Good news about Corona virus is this that its shelf life is very limited.

After identifying that shelf life of virus is very less we can easily develop a safety mechanism to sanitize and clean items that we use on daily basis. Once a mechanism for sanitizing items is established we are good to go to carry out our activities. However when we will be carrying out our routine activities we will take necessary precautions to keep us safe from Corona Virus. I know this might sound overwhelming now but once you develop a muscle memory of how to do things you will be able to do them easily.

Guideline for going out of your residence

If you need to go out of residence for work or any other reason just remember following things:

  • Make sure you wear mask.
  • Carry sanitizer with you.
  • Avoid close contact with others
  • If you travel in a lift, make sure you stand at a distance from others and don’t use hands to operate the lift instead use your elbows.
  • Don’t touch your mouth, eyes or ears directly when you are outside. Use clean tissue paper if you want to rub eyes, nose or mouth. In any case don’t touch your face using hands without sterilising or washing them properly for 35 seconds.

Guideline for entering your residence

On returning your residence take following steps:

  • Wash your hands.
  • Empty your pockets.
    Place the items that you will require in residence(mobile etc.) separately and items that you won’t require in residence(money, wallet etc.) separately.
  • Change your clothes. Make sure that you place the clothes that you have worn outside on box that is made of cardboard and before touching the clothes that you will be wearing inside your residence make sure that you wash your hands.
  • Taking shower at this time can be very helpful but if you are in a rush washing hands can suffice.
  • Then sanitize your mobile phone by putting a drop of sanitizer on the screen and rubbing it all around. After that wait for four minutes and then your mobile will be sanitized.
  • Similarly if there is any other thing that you took outside and you need it inside house, just sanitize it using sanitizer or any other chlorine or isopropyl alcohol based disinfectant spray.
  • It is better to have a separate area marked for quarantine within a residence. Use tape on floor to mark the area.
  • While entering house you can move to quarantine area and disinfect yourself there and once you have completely disinfected yourself you can move to your residence’s main area.
  • After that enter the main residential area of your house and carryout the routine activities as you would do normally.

Guideline for entering a grocery store

Following steps must be taken while entering a grocery store:

  • Make sure that you are wearing a mask.
  • While shopping you will be touching items that you are not sure are sterile or otherwise therefore treat them as if they are non sterile, therefor don’t touch your eyes and face during shopping.
  • Once you come back to your car use the sanitizer to clean your hands. This must be done before you enter your vehicle.

Guideline for bringing basic utlilities, food items etc. into your residence.

  • Shop in advance. If you need any item after a few days purchase it now.
  • Place the utilities in quarantine room after they reach your house or in any designated area where the quarantine incoming utilities will be kept.
  • Keep the utilities in the designated area for 3 x days and then shift them to another place where they can be stored for usage.
  • Do not immediately use the utilities once they arrive house.
  • For meat and vegetables/fruits. Keep a separate pot designated and marked.
  • Fill the pot designated for meat and vegetables/fruits with hot boiling water. Place the meat and vegetables/fruits into the boiling water for four minutes and then pour the hot water out of the pot.
  • Keep the vegetables/ fruits and meat in fresh air so that they could dry and then place them in refrigerator.

Cleaning of house

Frequently use disinfectant formulations such as sodium hypochlorite with concentration of 5000-6150 ppm to 500-615 ppm free chlorine to clean the floors.

Make mixture of bleach one part and five parts water. Pour this mixture in spray bottles(normally used to sprinkle water on clothes) and use them on high touch surfaces of house like handles, locks etc.

Stay Safe

Covid-19 has brought many changes in our lives. Change is a part of life. We must learn to adapt to changes brought forward by Covid-19 and live safely. We must stay happy and accept Covid-19 as a challenge for everyone. We must have faith in God that a vaccine and other treatment options to fight this virus will be developed soon. Meanwhile we don’t need to panic or get depression or anxiety due to Corona Virus. Instead we just need to take precautions for safety of others and ourselves and carryout our daily routine.

P.S. If it is not a necessity don’t leave your house. Staying home is the best defense against Covid-19