One man with vision, passion, dedication and enthusiasm can bring a change. Mr Khawaja Zaheeruddin has proven this. Pakistanis have been generally shy to change their orthodox ideas and beliefs. Amidst this situation Mr Khwaja Zaheeruddin started with a vision to bring a change in the mindset of youth and he has done it due to his extra-ordinary energy. Cycling as a hobby has never been considered in many places around the globe. In Pakistan also it was considered as mode of transport for many but not as a passion and hobby.

Mr Khawaja Zaheeruddin during a ride in Islamabad on a Trinx Mountain Bike 

Mr Khawaja Zaheeruddin founded a club of cyclists (Early Bird Riders) in Islamabad. His hard work and dedication is proving to be an important stepping stone in changing orthodox trends. Early Bird Riders has created awareness amongst masses regarding the joy of cycling. It is detrimental in coaching our future generation regarding the healthy lifestyles they can adapt in order to improve their mental and physical health. Cycling might have been a taboo for females but Early Bird Riders changed this thought.

Club arranges rides on designated dates and many people join them. They not only promote cycling in these groups but also many social values that are declining in present society. No doubt we still need to go a long way but we should acknowledge the hard work of people like Mr Khawaja Zaheeruddin, who have done a lot for our society.