Visit and register as a sales agent. GrandPK offers its sales agents an opportunity to earn from home. You don’t need thousands of visitors on your posts to earn. You just need to be a good salesperson. The more you can sell, the more you will be able to earn. Now the question is what will you sell?

GrandPK is a marketing company that has affiliation with several product manufacturers and service providers. These product manufacturers and service providers pay commission to the company on selling their product or service. This commission is given to the sales agent who sells the product or service.

If you have a big digital print in social media you can use social media along with the platform of GrandPK to sell these product/services and in turn earn money. If do not have a big following on social media you can use your physical presence and telemarketing to gain sales. Do not worry about sales, you will be taught on how you can sell.

The policy for withdrawing money is also very easy and simple. You do not have to wait for months before you get paid for your sale. After securing the deal you refer the client to GrandPK admin staff. Admin staff will contact the client and receive payment for the product/service. After a client has made payment, you will be withdrawing your commission within 48 hours.

The exciting part is how much commission you will get on a sale? The commission is of each product / service is different. The products with higher commission have a greater chance of being sold. On average the commission is PKR 5000/ 20 USD. Each advert has a mention of commission you will earn from it if you sell it. So, compare it with Google Adsense or Youtube where you require a significant number of views before you can begin to earn. You do not require any money to start. You can begin straight away and the moment you make a sale, you will earn your commission which you can withdraw within 48 hours of client’s payment. If you are looking for a way to work from home and earn money, GrandPK is the way to go. Following are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1

  • Sign Up for GrandPK

Step 2

  • When you come to Dashboard click on Adverts.
Click on Adverts, when inside Dashboard.
In Mobile phone click on the icon with Dollar ($) sign.

Step 3

  • Choose what you want to sell
Be mindful that certain products/services are available in certain areas only. So, promote the product/service in the right area. This list of adverts keeps on updating so keep checking what you in new in list. You can copy the link of the product from this page for promotion.

Step 4

  • Check the advertisement
Check the advertisement for yourself by clicking on the link. You can copy the link from list of advertisements directly or you can copy link from here.
Check your messages regularly once you have promoted the link. Once you receive the message go back to dashboard and contact admin.

Step 5

Research the product/service you want to sell. Think who might be interested in purchasing it and then promote the product in that group. You may also sell the product by physically interacting with potential clients or by telemarketing. You may also use whatsapp or resort to text messaging for the selling of product/service.

Once the product is sold or a client has been convinced to purchase the product. You may contact the admin.

On clicking the Contact Admin button, a form will appear. Fill it and submit. Shortly team GrandPK will contact you and get details from you.

Goodluck For Sales

Remember to be patient in getting sales. It requires work but count the amount of work it requires vs the amount of money you can possibly generate. First 10,000 Sales Agents will get a PKR 400 balance once they sign up /register as a Sales Agent.