If you have a product that you intend to Export or Import, You have come to the right place. We can assist you in Exporting and Importing. 

Few of our Marketing Packages Built just for Client Requirements in mind

GrandPk operates differently. We have a network of our sales agents and telemarketing agents who can help you to find a buyer for your product abroad. At the same time we get the assistance of our salespersons to help you to get the cheapest possible product without compromising its quality from abroad.

Our marketing analysts have confirmed that even though telemarketing is now a little old school but even then the results that you can achieve through telemarketing are great. We use our telemarketing agents to find buyers for your project. 

We will not disappoint you when it comes to marketing. Our professional market researchers will carry out a comprehensive research of market and submit you the details that will help you to grow your business. So what are you waiting for???

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